• Agility at Home

    Artig Agility Handling Trening Hjemme

    Flott agility “handling” trening hjemme 12. oktober 2014. Solen skinte i dag, etter et par dager med regn, som forhindret oss fra å trene agility med våre to Schapendoes gutter. (Rover og Ikaros) (Det, pluss at vi hadde en del forfallende arbeide som måtte gjøres) Irene og jeg bestemte oss for å ta en økt […]
  • Schapendoes - Dog Agility

    Dog Agility Training at Home

    Schapendoes Dog Agility – Jump training at home. Urtehagens K. Lappecea Rover and Urtehagens M. Brave Heart Ikaros are also jumping tandem! (7/14-2014) At first this training was meant to be a one-by-one training, but by an “accident” both Schapendoes brothers ended up training together. (At the same time) It became tandem training! Agility is […]

Aglity Novise of the Year 2013 – AOH

Rover trener vippe Mention/review on the website of the dog-club Arendal and Omegn Hundeklubb – AOH This year is the novice is the one who has shown the most progress, either in training or competition. They are elected by the Committee agility/instructors. This year’s novice 2013: Kurt and Rover Very eager beginners working at 110%! It`s going to […]

Schapendoes Sheepdogs

My Schapendoes Dog Rover - Dog Agility Competition

Dog Agility Competition for Schapendoes Newbie

Schapendoes Sheepdog in Dog Agility competition as a newbie (Videos) My Schapendoes Dog Rover, og jeg, deltok i konkurranse for 2. gang i “Belgerspesialen” på Evje i A Full Story »